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Beginning in 2014, all Illinois Cycle Rider Safety Training Program courses in Cook County will be administered through Harper College in Palatine. Click here to get to the Harper College Motorcycle Safety Education web site.

Courses in central and western Illinois, including many locations formerly administered through Illinois State University, will be conducted through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014.

Refer to the new regional map of Illinois to determine which university to contact for courses in your area.

Click button to hide/show completed and canceled courses. Change will stay in effect for all sites until you close your browser.

Basic rider courses at these sites: CSC   DAC   GKA   ICC   IEP   JCW   JJC   MCP   PCP   RCC   RIF   SRC   UOI  
Intermediate/Remedial rider courses at these sites: CSC   DAC   GKA   ICC   IEP   JJC   PCP   RCC   RIF   UOI  
Experienced rider courses at these sites: GKA   ICC   IEP   RCC  
Sidecar/Trike rider courses at these sites:
Instructor courses at these sites: ICC  

Course Schedule as of 4/29/2017 for:

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Beginning in 2014 this site is now being adminstered through Harper College.
Please visit their website for further information.
Scheduling at this site has not been finalized. Please check back later.